Deepawali 2022 : Simple Rangoli For Diwali

Beautiful Designs of Rangoli for Diwali

Diwali is one of the widely celebrated festivals of India. One cannot deny the role of colors in Deepavali. Since Rangoli and colors are inseparable, large Diwali Rangoli are designed at the entrance of most houses. This is a pledge to ask God Lakshmi to shower blessings on us. We all know that God Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth. 

beautiful designs of rangoli for diwali

5x3 dots Diwali 

In India, it is an old tradition which has been followed by many generations. Indians always love colours. In the initial days, people used to draw rangoli with rice flour because birds and insects feed on them. Furthermore, Rangoli Diwali is grandly made in Sanskrit, which is a creative way to express an art through the use of colors.

7×4  dot's diwali rangoli desgin

Rangoli is a unique artwork nowadays which is completely filled with many colours. First of all, let us start with this Deepavali, a special Rangoli for Diwali. Making Rangoli Diwali is not everyone’s cup of coffee, because it requires special skills. So, take some time and practice our Diwali Special Rangoli. After good practice, you can make the best Rangoli designs for Diwali at your doorstep.

Diwali special rangoli designs

Finally, I Hope you liked our Beautiful and latest Rangoli designs for diwali 2022 special and easy rangoli designs for diwali rangoli Videos

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